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Mombasa Tours & Safaris

Mombasa is an island found in Kenya’s coastal region that is connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries. Mombasa city history goes back in the 16th century when the Portuguese Army and Shirazi Arabs fought over who would control the trade in the East Africa coastal region. As a tourist destination, Mombasa connects other tourists’ destinations in Kenya’s coast such as Diani fine Beaches, Watamu, Wasini Kisite Marine Park, Malindi, Arabuko Sokoke among others. Moreover, As Randu Safaris we offer a wide range of Safari Tour Packages starting from Mombasa, Diani Beach, Watamu and Malindi to East Africa’s major National Parks such as:

Masai Mara National ReserveSerengeti National ParkAmboseli National ParkTsavo East National ParkTsavo West National ParkLake Nakuru National ParkShimba Hills National ReserveSamburu National ReserveOl Pejeta Wildlife SanctuaryMeru National ParkArabuko SokokeTarangire National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Queen elizabeth National ParkNgorongoro CraterLake Manyara National Park …among others

3 Days Tsavo West & Amboseli Safari

Mombasa >> Tsavo West >> Amboseli << Beach hotel

3 Days Tsavo East & West Safari

Mombasa  >> Tsavo East >> Tsavo West << Beach Hotel


3 Days Tsavo East & Salt Lick Safari

Mombasa >> Tsavo East >> Taita Hills << Beach Hotel

3 Days Tsavo East & Lions Bluff

Mombasa/Diani >> Tsavo East >> Lion Bluff << Mombasa/Diani


3 Days Kenya Safari in Tsavo East & West

Mombasa/Diani  >> Tsavo East >> Tsavo West << Mombasa/Diani

2 Days Tsavo East Safari Tour

Mombasa/Diani/Bamburi/Nyali Beach Hotel >> Tsavo East << Mombasa/Diani 

1.5 Days Tsavo East Safari Tour

Mombasa/Diani/Bamburi/Nyali Beach Hotel >> Tsavo East << Mombasa/Diani

Tsavo East Safari Randu kenya

2 Days Tsavo East & Tsavo West

Mombasa >> Tsavo East >> Tsavo West << Mombasa/Diani 

3 Days Tsavo East & Amboseli Safari

Mombasa >> Tsavo East >> Amboseli << Beach hotel

4 Days Tsavo, Amboseli & Taita Hills

Mombasa/Diani Beach Hotel  >> Tsavo East >> Amboseli>> Taita Hills << Mombasa

2 Days Tsavo East-Taita Hills-Saltlick Lodge

Mombasa >> Tsavo East >> Tsavo West << Mombasa/Diani 

4 Days Tsavo East-Tsavo West

Diani/Mombasa Hotel  >> Tsavo East >> Tsavo West  << Beach Hotel

4 Days Tsavo East-Amboseli -Saltlick Safari

Beach Hotel >> Tsavo East  >> Amboseli  >>  Taita Hills << Beach Hotel

4 Days Taita Hills-Amboseli & Tsavo East

Diani Hotel >>  Taita Hills  >> Amboseli  >>  Tsavo East << Beach Hotel

4 Days Amboseli & Tsavo National Park Safari

Diani Hotel  >> Tsavo West >> Amboseli >> Tsavo East << Beach Hotel

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