9 Days Total Safari Experience Kenya

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See the Best Parks on this Total Safari Experience Starts Nairobi/Ends Mombasa and beach areas – We’ll pick you up from the airport or your hotel.

Kenya classic safari on a 9 day tour of  Masai Mara, Lakes Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, Tsavo West & Tsavo East national parks.

This is a full tour of 6 of the best wildlife parks in Africa. Here are the “Big Five”, plus Tsavo lions, parades of elephants, countless birdlife including dazzling flamingoes, hippos, crocs and monkeys. This brilliant safari has it all!

On our 9-day adventure, you’ll travel past broad savannahs, wooded countryside, thick acacia forest, extinct volcanoes, mountain lakes, waterfalls, towering escarpments and deep gorges. You’ll witness thundering herds, gentle impalas and predators springing into action.

Park fees Accommodations
9 days safari Professional guide
Guide gratuity

–Tour Highlights–

Masai Mara Game Reserve
– Unlimited game viewing drives
– Tree studded typical savannah terrain and a multitude of Wild animal species
– Colorful Masai tribesmen
Lake Nakuru national park
– Bird watching
– Rhino sanctuary
– The Great Rift valley escarpment – awesome scenery

 Lake Naivasha
– Boat safari
– Guided walking safari at Crescent Island
– Bird watching
– Bicycle ride / Game walk / Drive at Hell’s Gate
Amboseli national park
– Game viewing drives
– Views of Mount Kilimanjaro ( highest mountain in Africa) – weather permitting
– Observation hill with 360 degree views of the Amboseli national park

Tsavo west national park
– Scenic hills and valleys, awesome scenery, the Mzima springs, birds and animals.
Tsavo East National park
– Game viewing drives
– Sights of dust-red elephant browsing as they stroll majestically


Day 1: Nairobi Kenya-Masai Mara (265km-Approx.5-6hrs)

0500hrs: pick up from your Nairobi hotel / Nairobi airport / Nairobi residence.

We’ll start out at 5:00 am to get a good head start on the day as we journey to the Mara, the most famous park in Kenya, and perhaps Africa. As the dawn lights up the surrounding fields, we’ll stop at Narok, a colorful small city, for breakfast.

We’ll arrive at the Masai Mara around mid-morning with plenty of time for a first game drive before lunch. You’ll find so much to see on this massive expanse of savannah and green hills.

The Mara is the seasonal home to the Great Migration, an awesome display of thousands, sometimes millions of foraging wildebeests and zebra in search of the tall grasses. Awaiting them are predators like river crocodile, lion, cheetah and leopard. You’ll be there to witness this timeless cycle of nature play out before you on the riverbanks and acacia studded plains of this great park.

Dinner and Overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice.

MEAL: Lunch & Dinner


Day 2 : Full Day Masai Mara

Our entire day is devoted to game drives throughout the reserve. There’s so much to see as the park is home to over 90 mammals in great concentration. Of course, the “Big Five” are here in big numbers as are many smaller species.

We’ll head down to the Mara River where the animals cross over from the Serengeti. During migration season (July-October), you will see them by the thousands, herding, rushing, thrashing their way across – an unending stream of wildlife searching for food.

A wonderful way to view this flow of nature is in an early morning hot air balloon ride. Rising above the Mara, you’ll take in the awakening land and the life upon it. The excursion is optional, so ask your driver/guide for details. He’ll be happy to arrange it.

Another optional excursion, closer to the ground is a visit to a nearby Masai Village. Here you can meet the Maasai people and learn about their nomadic way of life.

The scenic appeal of this tree studded savannah plains, its moderate climate and diversity of wild game species makes it a one stop shop for game viewing activities.

We shall traverse the reserve on a full day of unlimited game viewing encountering the big five and more of the lesser game.

You shall visit the Mara river where we may watch hippos & crocodiles or maybe the great migration (July -October)

Other options at the Masai mara

Balloon excursion =(enquire with us)
Masai village visit = (arrange with your safari driver / guide)

Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice.

MEAL: Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner


Day 3: Masai Mara-Lake Nakuru(290km-Approx.6-7hrs)

We’re next off to Lake Nakuru but on the way, we’ll make stops to eat, stretch our legs and admire some of the more scenic spots we come upon.

Due to some progressive natural factors , the flamingo numbers have been reducing  but the park itself remains  stunning – one of Kenya’s finest. Great rocky escarpments tower over acacia forest, waterfalls, wooded hills and euphorbia trees dot the lake.

The few quantity of  flamingos is accompanied by other birdlife – pelicans, cormorants, kingfishers, ostriches, storks as well as herons and eagles. The scene here is bountiful, busy and full of color.

But that’s only the beginning of what this special park has to offer because the wildlife viewing here is easy and accessible. Lake Nakuru is known for hosting some endangered but beautiful species. You’re sure to see rare Rothschild’s Giraffe along with white rhino, especially along the lakeshore.

You’ll also find the Rothschild’s giraffe nibbling amongst the treetops plus many rhinos. The rhino sanctuary here holds one of Kenya’s largest herd of endangered black and white rhinos. We’ll spend the night here and then rise for an early morning game drive and bird watching.

Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice

MEAL: Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner


Day 4: Lake Nakuru-Lake Naivasha/Hells Gate(410km-Approx.7-8hrs)

It’s a quick drive next to Lake Naivasha and its surrounding parks and preserves. This is a pretty area of forest, extinct volcanoes, imposing gorges and Africa’s signature acacia trees. Naivasha is another Rift Valley lake that attracts over 450 species of birds.

We’ll take a sailing safari across this lake looking for weavers, firefinches, cormorants and pelicans. As we glide by the hippos foraging about, we may also take in giraffe and zebra grazing on the nearby shore of this idyllic spot.

Then it’s a quick trip to Crescent Island Game Sanctuary, a private preserve where we’ll enjoy a guided walking safari amongst the grazing buffalo, zebra and giraffe. And if bicycling is more your speed, take advantage of an optional riding safari at nearby Hell’s Gate National Park.

This is a place of dramatic cliffs, canyons and active steam vents rising from the earth below. But it’s also an easy-going opportunity to bicycle past impala, eland and even baboon.

Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice

MEAL: Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner


Day 5: Lake Naivasha-Amboseli (350km-Approx.5-6hrs)

A long and easy drive to the Amboseli national park.

There shall be stops to view the great rift valley escarpment along the highway as you proceed towards Nairobi

A short game viewing drive with possible views of the Mount Kilimanjaro peaks at Amboseli -Weather permitting

There will be plenty of stops along the way to Amboseli Park to eat, relax and appreciate vistas of the Great Rift Valley escarpment. As you approach the park, the great rise of Mt. Kilimanjaro overpowers the horizon. Africa’s tallest mountain is one of the ever-present features of this reserve – a picture postcard whenever you snap a picture.

Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice

MEAL: Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner


Day 6: Amboseli National Park Full day

Though not a large park, the density of wildlife here will make for an active and gratifying safari experience. Amboseli is known for its practically endless herds of elephants and you will see these wonderful titans marching to their watering holes.

We’ll be here at Amboseli over the course of 3 days with plenty of time for game drives and also relaxation, if you wish. Just let your guide know what you’re in the mood for.

It’s been a busy 7 days, and you’ve seen and absorbed so much during this discovery safari. But there’s still more to experience on your way to Kenya’s sun-dappled coast.


Day 7 : Amboseli-Tsavo West(100km-Approx.2hrs)

Short morning game viewing drive is scheduled at the Amboseli this morning.

Now it’s a relatively short drive to Tsavo West, home to the Tsavo lion, a rhino sanctuary, giraffe, impala and the dik-dik. This is an attractive park with beckoning green hills and imposing volcanic ridges.

Near the Chyulu Hills, we’ll come upon the unexpected Mzima Springs, fed by thousands of gallons of crystalline water pouring into this palm accented oasis. Look for hippos, crocodiles and other big game drawn here for sustenance.

Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice

MEAL :Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner


Day 8 : Tsavo West-Tsavo East National park

Game viewing drives at the Tsavo West with a stop at the Mzima springs.

We’ll continue our game viewing as we journey to Tsavo East, our final park. This is the largest and one of the oldest reserves in Kenya. It’s a wild, rugged space filled with the “Big Five” plus a supporting cast of zebra, giraffe and over 500 species of birds.

Of note are the red-dust elephants. You can’t miss these enormous red-coated giants, coming from their dirt bath in the red-oxide soil.

So there we have it – nine very full days of game drives and all types of safaris, enjoying the sight of thousands of nature’s wildlife creatures in varied habitats. But we’ll have even more park viewing ahead as we make our way to the Kenya coast.

Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp of your choice

MEAL: Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner


Day 9 : Tsavo East-Beach Resorts

Your last day on safari!

Early morning game viewing drives at the Tsavo East national park.

Extra game viewing drive as you proceed to Voi train station (Next to Tsavo East) where you shall board the standard gauge Nairobi-Mombasa Train (Madaraka Express).

The train station at Voi is close-by. There your guide will assist you with tickets and transfer to the Madaraka Express, the new high-speed train to Mombasa and the coast.