On road or off, Land Cruiser Jeeps offer the best safari experience. You’ll journey to the savannah, through the bush and over the hills in a tough as nails 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep. Guaranteed.

Why Jeep Safari?

  1. The Jeep’s 4 x 4 all-wheel drive and higher platform will get you through the toughest terrain, up hills, crossing streams and over rough bush.
  2. The higher seating in a Jeep creates better visibility to view and photograph wildlife
  3. Jeeps go where other vehicles fear to tread – head deeper into the bush and easily go off-road to pursue that elusive leopard
  4. The Jeep’s special suspension offers a more comfortable ride on rough ground.
  5. The Jeep is built for the demands of a safari adventure – more doors for easy access, 2 fuel tanks  and two spare tires
  6. More roomy and stable than a minivan
  7. The Jeep’s pop up top ensures an unobstructed view
  8. You’ll be journeying to and traversing the African landscape in the ultimate safari vehicle as adventurers have for over 70 years.