1 Day David Sheldrick Elephants Orphanage

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We pick you up from your hotel in Nairobi after breakfast and drive to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where later in the day we will visit the Giraffe Centre. The first stop is the David Sheldrick is strictly open for only 1 hour; that is between 11 am to 12 noon. In this orphanage, you have a chance to interact with the rescued baby and teenage elephants, you will learn each unique story of how they got in the orphanage. You later drive to the Giraffe Centre where you will learn about plans to rescue these tall animals. You will have fun taking selfies with these tall Giraffes.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Nairobi hotel/JommoKenyatta Airport
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Day trip Professional guide
Guide gratuity



Day 1: Nairobi Hotel-Elephant Orphanage

Elephant orphanage caters for baby elephants and one can adopt to contribute to its conservation. The tour timings are around the feeding time where the guides tell the audience on the history of the organization and feeds the baby elephants.

We pick you from your hotel at 10.00hrs on weekdays and 10.15hrs during the weekend. We then drive to the center which can take around 30-40minutes. Once you arrive you will take a walk through the Nursery, viewers will explore the paths and trails the infants take, see a mud bath in action and walk around the stables that the orphaned elephants sleep in at night for warmth and protection, accompanied by their elephant Keepers.

Basically, the action is experience on a daily occurrence so what happens today may be a different experience than the following day. The feeding time is open from 1100hrs to 1200hrs and then you are transferred back to the hotel.