The Olengoti´s group of tents are set along the banks of the Talek river placing us in the front seat in one of the most dramatic and exclusive natural shows in the world, “The Great African Migration”.

Our eleven tents are set under canvas and exquisitely decorated reflecting the old style of first safaris. To create this atmosphere, we integrate elements from Masaai culture such as carpets, handmade furniture crafted by local artisans mixed with rich colours and sumptuous fabrics.

Our tents are equipped with rawhide leather safari chairs and two comfortable double beds covered by soft mohair blankets, feather duvets and 100% cotton sheets. All energy sources are provided by solar energy in line with our eco-tourism policy.

The main living area is furnished with comfortable leather chairs, floors strewn with cushions and the fire camp is candle lit where guests can relax after a hard day. Our visitors can enjoy a personalized service, where dinner is served al fresco in and open tented dining room with your own private chef. As a part of our luxury service, guests will be provided with the finest glassware and crockiery and moreover our unique environmentally – friendly comforts right in the middle of Africa.

Our travel experts are always available to answer questions and help you plan the trip of a lifetime. For inquiries or for more information.